• Our Company covers all the needs of a modern residence regarding the Heating issue: Heating with petrol, with gas, with wood pellets, as well as electric heating. We represent companies with tradition in the section of Heating. We have got panel radiators, as well as decorative radiators that fulfill every sensory desire - for the bathroom and for the rooms.
  • Cooling in any space can be achieved either by a stand-alone system, or combined with the heating circuit. We represent and install DAIKIN and HITACHI systems (chillers or heat pumps), which use water or freon-R410 as working fluid. A big variety of solutions like FAN COIL units, MULTI systems, VRV systems, is ready to be offered for your needs.
  • Underfloor heating is a reliable and effective form of heating that combines conditions of thermal comfort and economic operation. In this system, hot water of 35-45C temperature circulates in a pipe circuit, incorporated in the floor, converting the floor into a thermal radiator of maximal 29C surface temperature (in usual places of residence).
  • The system is a modern solution not only for houses (new and renovated), but also for professional rooms, and it functions in a simple way: Under the final floor of your choice there is placed a shaped (castellated) panel, which supports the pipes that create the relevant circuits. This achieves a harmonious water flow in the whole floor surface and a uniform heating. Thus the floor operates as a big thermal radiator for the room. 
  • By adding a cooling mechanism, the system is converted into a cooling system in the summer. The water supply of 16-18C into the pipes of the floor, is converted into a surface of heat absorption and when there is balance in the room, the human organism aborts significant amounts of heat and feels cool. The underfloor cooling has the advantage that it can be achieved without powerful currents and with a decreased energy consumption.
  • In the area of electric heating, we suggest solutions of an economic boiler operation with “night-charge” electric current, and at the same time a combination of renewable energy sources.
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