• The solar thermal systems of combined operation for the production of Domestic Hot Water and for the heating of areas can cover in an annual base 10% - 50% of the needs of a house in Heating and in Domestic Hot Water, depending on the size of the collection surface it will be installed on, the volume of the boiler, the meteorological data of the region and the characteristics of the residence (size, quality of insulation, thermal needs).
  • The exploitation of the geothermal energy has a great significance for a person in order to cover his needs, since it is a practically inexhaustible source of energy. The term geothermics is defined as the exploitation of a constant temperature and heat capacity of the subsoil. The use of a geothermal heat pump allows the transport of heat from and to the soil in order to produce energy for heating or cooling spaces and also domestic hot water.
  • The ideal application of the system is in residences with good insulation and heating of low temperatures (floor temperatures, Fan coils), while at the heating with thermal radiators there is expected a reduction of output at 15%-20%. A big advantage of these systems is that they can be installed in new and also in existing residences without particular transformations.


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